Saturday, December 26, 2009

Office turned Pantry

I cleaned all of the stuff out of the pantry I was using as a home office.

We added a few shelves to be able to spread out a little more. The pantry is three feet deep, so the side shelves were a better use of space. And you can see that the tiling of the floor has started.

I finished up the tiling this evening and gave the shelves a coat of primer and paint.

After the painted dried, I loaded in some of the pantry stuff. I've moved the microwave into the pantry also, we don't use it much and this will free up counter space.  Ever notice how there is no such thing as a pretty microwave? 

Progress is good.  I have a bunch of freshly dyed fabric that is ready to iron and photograph, can't wait to show you all some of that, some fun pieces in there!  Can't wait to get my hands on it but this kitchen face lift project looks like it will take up my time for a while.  I do love seeing the transformation!  More photos coming.  Stay tuned!

Here's to a fresh coat of paint, nothing is quite like it!  Happy creating! 

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