Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Studio B is Santa's Workshop!

Today Studio B is Santa's workshop!  It IS that time of year and I like being one of the elves from time to time.  I wanted to make earrings that were kind of color neutral so that they could be worn with anything and be worn with jeans or something dressy.  I spent a little time in my jewelry design studio and here's what happened:

Smokey silvery colors with jet crystal.  Swarovski pearls and crystals, sterling silver SOLD
The bottom bead is a Swarovski pearl, it's a smokey dark gray with a hint of purple, VERY pretty in person!

Cool silver rope hoops, sparkling Swarovski bicones and cool silver spacers with granulation and rope.  $19

These really cool Bali Silver Pendants have a pretty flower on them and pair up nicely with
Swarovski pearls and bicones in smoke and jet.  This photo doesn't show that Swarovski pearl very well, it's actually a smokey charcoal color with hints of purple, SO pretty!  $24

These lovely pendants have an intricate design that is really lovely in a teardrop shape.  I paired them with a Swarovski crytal teardrop that sparkles lots of pretty colors.  I like the double teardrop silhouette, so clean but so pretty.  $38  They are laying against the crystal wineglass, so that left one looks like it's shaped funny but it's actually fine.

  A pair of faceted smokey quartz coin beads at the bottom, then a sandwich of Swarovski crystal bicones and a cool silver spacer bead, topped off with a pair of jet Swarovski crystal bicones.  $29

The large silver bead on this pair is the star of the show, four cool colors of Swarovski crystals and rope hoops and a cool sterling spacer.  $38

This will give a feel for the various lengths and shapes.

And remember, a great pair of earrings should match the woman, not her clothing.

More jewelry photos coming when I get the chance and there is a quilt on my design wall that is calling my name, so "Chop Chop!"  Back to work! 

Thanks for dropping by my blog, if I can help you play Santa,
then email me: CarmenRose at comcast dot net.

Happy Creating and Happy Santa-ing

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