Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow and more Snow!

This morning we opened the doors to a snowy wonderland and let the girls out, and they plunged head first into surprisingly deep snow.  Here they are just before they get really confused border collie looks on their faces.  They did finally forge a pathway out into wonderland, wish I had video of that!

Then Misde discovered that the squirrels were out, so she went out to check on them, (She's the speck in the distance btwn hemlock and porch post) Hope watched from the lower porch.  Hubby got to uncover the firewood for the wood stove as well, there is no better heat this time of year!

There was a rather large drift on the upper deck, it was a little confusing for Hope...

But then hubby set about removing the snow so that we could all go out and have a look around...

Maybe even a trip down the snowy stairs to see what can be seen... except for a border collie the snow was rather daunting at that depth.

In different places we got different measurements... this was one of the deeper spots.
The street side of the house was a sea of beautiful whiteness!  I can say that because I didn't have to shovel any of that!

It took a while, but hubby found the sidewalk and the steps going up to the street!

He moved lots of snow to get to the van!  (The tile for my new kitchen floor is in that van, waiting to be transformed into a real visual treat for our home - just add hard labor and a bottle of advil and it will be beautiful!!)  It can just stay out there in the van a little longer!!

He's showing me that all that can be seen of my Honda Civic is the tip of the CB antenna and the mirror!  We didn't even uncover them, it's not done snowing!  (At least I hope not)  I don't remember a snow like this in Virginia, certainly not since we returned in 2000.

And while he was shoveling all that snow, I was digging out my textile studio near the wood stove.  (Ask me which one of us had the better deal?!)  All the fabric is sorted, folded and stowed away where it goes!!  It's beautifully organized, it is SO FUN when order reigns supreme in my studio.  I've even done inventory (NO PURPLE - O NO!) to see what colors I need to dye up next.  I've even got the dye mixed on the kitchen counter and the fabric is soaking.  Maybe tomorrow I'll don the gloves and get dying.  Everything is canceled, even church - and they say they don't close in "inclement" weather.  I guess this was a little beyond "inclement."

I cleaned up the last of the glaze and packed up my glass studio for the season.  That's the last of that art media for the year and it seems unlikely that I'll even get back into it before spring comes.  It's time for winter weather arts - fabric, quilts and home renovation projects! 

We hooked a projector up to the laptop and hung a queen size sheet over the fireplace and watched a couple movies today.  Everything is now QUEEN size!  LOL!  I have a two week Netflix free trial and so I'm giving it a go again and enjoying it so far.  A perfect activity for a snow day!  A loaf of bread to make the house smell wonderful and a fire in the wood stove.  Tell me... does it get much better than this?  Actually - yes because there are yards and yards of fresh fabrics and fresh dyes just waiting for me.  So clearly it really does get better than this!

Happy creating, stay in out of the cold and say a prayer for those who don't have it as good as we do in our snug homes with internet connections.

-Carmen Rose

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  1. WooHoo! look at all that snow - my boys are VERY jealous!


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