Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Scarf in the Breeze

New scarves freshly dyed last week. There are my favorite three, that middle one with all the color grew on me. I wore it to church and hubby snapped a photo of me wearing it which you can see top right on the side bar.
These are more muted colors in a cut satin style, very rich and wintry looking. Gotta love that 10 inch fringe, sooo pretty! Devore Satin Scarves, 14x72, $49
A few more cut satin scarves in a rayon/silk blend. There are all roughly 14 x 72, perfect size and shape to be worn in a variety of ways! Devore Satin Scarves, 14x72, $49
These are some cut velvet styles, the middle one is a really rich combination of olive, chocolate and charcoal colors with a little of this and that color showing here and there. Cut velvet, 14x72, $45
Oh, look who popped in to say hi, this is Misde. She's my constant companion. Hard to go wrong with these cool colors in a variety of styles: $45 (Dog not for sale)
100% silk styles in some interesting color combinations. These are really soft and I love how the silk took the dyes. I went for softer colors this time around. 14 x72 inch Habotai silk scarves - $32 each
I love how the light olive one turned out and the rich charcoal with plumy overtones is kinda cool. Click on the photos for a closer look. 100% silk scarves $32 each:
See some of my earlier scarves in brighter colors here.

Thanks for dropping by,
-Carmen Rose


  1. I love them! I am assuming they are for sale?

  2. Yes they are, I will add pricing to the post. Thanks for your interest!


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