Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Last Tile is in Place

The last piece of tile is finally in place, it took a long time but I'm pleased with how it looks now. Finally that horrible green and gold vinyl is ancient history!

And right at this very moment the first layer of polish is being applied by hubby.
New floor, new shine... this is a gooooooood thing!

Monday we'll start painting cabinets, can't wait to see how it all comes together!
Patience is a virtue, alas, not one I possess.

Happy Day after Christmas!


  1. The floor was a fantastic division.
    I remember doing projects doing school vacations years ago too.

  2. What a great makeover and I love your inspiration photos from a few posts back. You two make a great team. Do you hire out?

  3. Are those linoleum tiles? What type of polish are you using? I have a 17 year old vinyl tile floor in my kitchen that needs changing. Maybe.... what an inspiration!

  4. You guys make such an AWESOME team! Floor looks great!


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