Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kitchen update.

One of my little updates to the kitchen was to get a happy faucet. This one was just so depressed that it was hard to even get a pan under it's droopy head!

Sad sad faucet. And so I got a new one and hubby installed it this evening.

Happy faucet with it's head held high enough to fill BIG pots of water! YAY!  And the "brushed bronze" dark finish will work with some of the other details in the room.  Eventually...  If my hardware and hinges EVER get here.  "" has been really SLOW at shipping orders out, I placed my order December 27th and it didn't even ship until today.  Or at least they said it shipped today, so far the tracking number doesn't work.  Hmmm...
Here's to a happy new faucet!
-Carmen Rose

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