Saturday, January 2, 2010

Knobby Inspiration

Somehow in the midst of things, I ran across an artist making polymer clay kitchen hardware. It was an interesting idea and I kinda thought it would be nice but not really for me. Too tedious. However, as I’ve been enjoying my partially painted kitchen with guests here… and the old pulls were just sitting there… (and the new ones have not arrived yet) I started to think that it might be kind of fun… and I have a box of polymers around here somewhere…

(By Mary Walsh of Merely Knew)
And these images in my head for inspiration…
(by Susan Goldstick)
So now the old knobs are soaking in a jar to get all the old gunk off. Wouldn’t it be fun to have colorful fun quirky knobs to brighten up otherwise boring kitchen cabinets? I've worked in polymers, it's fun and easy to work with.

Maybe in my house where everything is potential gallery space. We'll see... if I manage to do something like this then I'll post photos.
Happy Creating
Carmen Rose

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