Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quilts and Hinges on the Doors

In between all the things that I worked on last week, I started a little quilt. Sometimes it's hard to focus on the things I NEED to do, so I started a little project that I WANTed to do. It's not finished...

and may never be finished... but it's been a lovely little project to keep me going in between all the other stuff.

I have nothing new to report on the hinges for my kitchen cabinets. I emailed the company on Friday about the return and I have ordered the replacement pieces - no response to either one. If I don't hear something from them on Monday then I'll have to give some thought as to how to proceed. At this point they have my money and I have a big heavy box of product that I can't use. Not exactly the kind of thing that equals customer satisfaction.

I have guests coming next weekend. So if I continue to work on more of the kitchen and take more doors off their hinges to paint them, then that just means that much more of my kitchen is LEANING instead of usable. I've got a big kitchen, but the last thing I need is to have guests here when it's in a condition where I can't actually use what I have. It's becoming a frustration. I suppose when/if the hinges do finally come, it will be like Christmas at my house. I'm really tempted to rattle can the old hinges and be done with it. I've tried that before and it doesn't really work all that well, but... at least I'd be able to get the doors back up where they go.

So here's to hinges on the doors of our lives, otherwise it's a bit hard to tell what doors are open and what doors are closed.
-Carmen Rose

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