Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ta Da! The Polymer Knobs are Done!

I now have enough polymer covered knobs finished to complete the upper cabinets in my kitchen, YAY! I have a few extras and another project in mind for them. I baked them in my little polymer oven, baked them hanging right on the rack. It was as if that little wire shelf was made exactly for that purpose.

Here they are, and that one on the lower right just shows the knob that is underneath the polymers.

I'm looking forward to seeing these on my cabinets!  I suppose it's time to get the painting completed and hope that the hinges get here sometime this year. 
Oh you know you have to try this!
-Carmen Rose


  1. These knobs are Terrific.
    Your kitchen is going to look like a Fantasy.

  2. The knobs are gorgeous! I'm also impressed by how clean your oven is!

    Barbara in NC

  3. That's funny Barbara, that is my polymer clay oven. My kitchen range oven is a disaster but I'm replacing it so I don't see much point in cleaning it any more. =)

  4. Outstanding!! That may be the coolest thing I've ever seen!


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