Saturday, January 2, 2010

Studio B transformation in process

Studio B has turned in a B&B this week with guests in from Indiana.  I started painting my kitchen cabinets on Monday.  I got about 1/3 of the way through the upper cabinets and not even a quarter way through the lower ones.  Guests came for New Years so we put aside the painting while our guests were here, opting for lots of cooking rather than lots of painting.  (Good choice!)  I’m waiting on cabinet hinges to show up but they won’t even ship until January 4th.  Once they are here we can get some of the doors back up and it will be fun to see how things turn out.  I'll be posting photos soon, but for the moment, here are some photos that were an inspiration to me as I considered paint colors.

Plus over the last few weeks I've cleaned out the cabinets and reorganized things.  I found some stuff that had been missing, like the fertilizer for my violets, and got the rest decently organized.  I love organization!

I really liked the look of dark lower cabinets and lighter top ones, plus it's more practical choice for us.

Various shades of gray give a different look.  My floor is white and charcoal tiles in a harlequin pattern (which I LOVE!)  and my upper cabinets are "ultra white" and the paint color on the lower ones is called "iron frost." 

So far I'm really loving how it looks, but it's a little hard to tell until the hinges come and I can get the doors back up and then take a step back and look at it.  I'll be sharing photos soon, but for now it's time to get back to my guests. 

Happy New Year, Happy Creating!
Carmen Rose

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