Monday, January 11, 2010

Polymer Clay Learning Curve

Oh yeah, nothing like learning the hard way. I made these for the bi-fold doors on the pantries in my kitchen - three doors need three knobs.

Apply heat to set the polymers. Heat is what takes it from being mailable to being just like PVC pipe at the hardware store - same stuff. Check out those three bad boys in the middle of the firey furnace. They looked good at the beginning!  (Yeah, we all look good at the beginning)

However... the plastic of the door knobs just didn't stand the heat so well.

And they turned out looking like rather sad mushrooms. No worries, I'll find another use for my three homeless flowers, but just in case you give this a whirl... don't put plastic knobs in your polymer oven!

Lesson learned.
Carry on.
-Carmen Rose

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