Tuesday, January 26, 2010


A friend of mine and I are embarking on a creative endeavor that I am VERY excited about. I’ll be doing makeup, hair and creating the costumes and my cohort Charles will do the photo shoot. Then we have a publicity stunt planned for March in conjunction with an exhibit celebrating womanhood where we’ll use the same models.

(That's Scott wearing a vintage WW2 uniform - an actual one, not a costume.  I was makeup artist for "Tuesday Mourning" a show about D-day at Normandy.)

I’ve been shooting ideas back and forth with Charles and that’s been very exciting. Bouncing ideas off of another artist is always fun for me and this happens to be more fun because he has been a trusted friend for years and it just happens that our vision has converged at a time when we both have the freedom to do something about it. That’s pretty cool.

I’ve got two models who have already signed on and I’m thrilled with them. Both of them are good friends and creative people in their own right, so the process of creating their persona is going to be a great deal of fun! I’ll keep you posted.

A tidbit from the “Call for Models” that I put out earlier today:

“Have you ever wanted to morph into a mystical creature or try on a look very different from your usual? The process will include shopping with the artist and fitting a costume at the first session. The second session will involve full makeup, hair and costume followed by a photo shoot. The final session will be a repeat of full makeup, hair and costume for a publicity stunt holding a pose in the gallery display window and then mingling in the crowd at an art opening. We expect media coverage of the event, participants may be in local television news. Participants will get digital copies of their photographs from the photo shoot for their own use.”

Now tell me, doesn’t that sound like fun?! I’ve been emailing with the woman who will write the press releases and get the TV news coverage and I’m very excited about her ideas. I’m working with another artist on the publicity stunt, she’ll be building the window display context for the models. She’s got a lot of energy for this project as well and that's so cool!

I can’t even believe the kinds of ideas that are swirling in my head on this one. I’m just trying to keep up! I’ve got to do some shopping and get some supplies ordered!

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