Sunday, January 10, 2010

Polymers and Cabinet Knobs

I waged a little war with my body today and lost... so I did more sleeping than working. I've been thinking for a few days about covering my cabinet hardware with polymers inspired by the work of Mary Walsh. So yesterday I started mixing and conditioning the polymers until I had a broad group of colors to choose from.

Then I started covering the old knobs. When I get the chance I'll upload the other photos and give some of the step by step action. It's not difficult at all, maybe a bit on the tedious side. Mine are pretty simple but I'm pleased so far.

I'm two short at the moment, but I wanted to make extra so I could chose out my favorites. And I'm only doing the upper cabinets, I'll see how that looks and then evaluate what needs to happen with the rest. In a kitchen with 60 cabinet doors and drawer fronts, it's unlikely that I would do them all. I've got new knobs and hinges ordered, it's just taking them a really long time to get here. I'm really impatient to see how it's going to look! Next week I'll expect to get back to the kitchen painting, we'll see. The new hood and faucet are here, I am waiting on someone to have the time to give them a little TLC.  Well... the ol bod still isn't cooperating, so I'll write more another time.

Happy Creating,
-Carmen Rose


  1. They are absolutely gorgeous! Your cabinets will just sing with them on the doors and drawers. I look forward to pictures with them on the cabinets.

  2. Ooh! Those look great! Can't wait to see them in place! Who needs fancy knobs when you can make your own?


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